Why It's Good For A Preschool To Share Its Daily Itinerary With The Children

26 November 2019
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When your child begins the day at preschool with his or her peers, the teacher might sit the group in a circle on the floor and explain what the day's itinerary will look like. If you've heard that this is how the teacher begins each day, you have a good reason to be happy — there are many advantages of outlining the day for the children. Not every preschool teacher takes this approach, and while there can be benefits of the class not knowing what is coming next, having a clear idea of the itinerary for the day will be a good thing for your son or daughter for the following reasons.

Lowering Anxiety Levels

Many children love surprises, and might not mind if they don't know what is next on the agenda during their day at preschool. There are other children, however, who feel more comfortable when they know what's in front of them. If you've noticed that your son or daughter can occasionally show signs of anxiety when facing unknown circumstances, you'll appreciate learning that the preschool teacher outlines the day's itinerary early on. This scenario may lead to less anxiety for your child, which can help him or her to thrive in this environment.

Using A Reward System

A preschool day is typically made up of things that are fun and things that are important — but that may not always be fun. When your child knows the day's itinerary, it can teach him or her about working toward a reward. For example, the child may learn that after a period of quiet time — something that can occasionally be difficult for energetic children — the class will go outside to play. Your son or daughter may be able to focus more during quiet time because he or she knows of the fun that is coming next.

Getting Into A Routine

Children often thrive when they're in a routine, and knowing the day's itinerary at preschool can help your child to settle into this routine. Being comfortable in a routine will be important as the child ages — both throughout his or her years in school and even in the work world after school. A child will often feel a degree of safety and comfort in knowing how the day will be structured, so you'll appreciate it when the preschool teacher takes some time at the start of each day to share this information with your son or daughter.

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