Adopting From Foster Care: What Steps Do You Have To Take?

19 June 2019
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Many people wish to add to their families by adopting a child. However, the cost of private adoption can prevent many loving parents from finding a child to love. Adopting from foster care is usually low in cost, so it offers a good alternative to private adoptions. You might wonder how to start the process of foster care adoptions. Here are some things to know.

First, Become a Certified Foster Parent

You usually cannot adopt from foster care without first being a foster parent. Many children in foster care have to spend time in their prospective home before the state will allow adoption. So, you begin the foster care training process by taking classes and getting certified to be a foster parent. This process is not hard, and it does not take very long. Within a couple of months, you can have children in your home to care for.

Next, Let Your State Agency Know Your Intentions

After you are certified to foster, contact your social worker and let them know you wish to have children as permanent placements. This way, you take kids for more than just a short-term solution. Some children are in foster care for only a short time before they are returned to their families, but others have parents whose rights are in the process of being terminated. These are the types of children you will want to care for.

As you care for these kids, you will bond with one or more of them and wish that they could stay with your family indefinitely. You might consider adopting a set of siblings together since these children have a harder time finding homes. 

Continue to Recieve Training

Children in foster care often have unique needs. Some have witnessed or been the recipients of violence, neglect, trauma, and other problems. You can get more training on how to rehabilitate children and help them recover from their previous life experiences.

Apply for Official Adoption

Once the child you want to adopt is available, you can begin the process of official adoption. You have to complete a home study and you might need to pay for an attorney. These expenses are often covered by the state so that the adoption is low or even no cost to you. Once you sign the adoptive papers, your child will no longer be in foster care and will become a true and permanent member of your family.